Paktor Night!

Met JJ, LLL, HJM and Liz in town to get shades for the Phuket trip. I think it is now very clear to everybody that I cannot wear eyewear of any kind. Lol. In the end I bought some auntie looking pair that is entirely made in plastic. And what is a paktor night without pictures…

Dinner @ Vila’ge. Everything’s nice except for the crepes. LOL We had drinks at Coffee Club after that. Liz bought a new camera the day before, so we played around with it.

JJ, 4th Wife, 3rd Wife, 2nd Wife


Boobs Made of Gold

Girls Night Out with Special Guest Appearance

Had dinner at Holland V with MZ and Lee Swa. MZ’s been talking about Lee Swa all along, and I finally get to meet her. Haha. She’s like me, totally into programming. Lol.

Look at the amount of food we had left over man, and MZ wanted to order some more. >.> I’m still full now lo, hope I can fall asleep by 12.

Then we went to have some drinks at Coffee Bean, with a special guest. Haha. Siao char bor MZ think she’s doing a job interview man. So paiseh.

Gawd, look at my arms man, gotta stop eating late and snacking liao. 🙁

A Woman Needs A Man

Read this article on Asiaone website and I agree with it. I don’t wanna holy wall of text, batman you guys again so I’ll just quote some nice parts. 🙂

“It really is like having a 24-hour best friend,” she says.

“Wake up together, go to work together, come home to someone to complain to, have hobbies together, go to sleep together. Ultimately, marriage is not about sex, financial security or even kids. It’s about companionship and having a 24-hour friend who makes life easier most of the time.”

Imagine if JJ were a guy, I’ll fall madly in love with her, and make her my 24 hour exclusive best friend. Lol. But because she isn’t a guy, I don’t care how many wives she has.

No amount of cake and coffee with your girlfriends (sorry, girls, but you do know what I mean), or a pet dog’s unconditional love, can give a woman the same happiness as when she is in the company of the man she adores and who loves her back.

I think this is true too. When I’m out with my girlfriends (ex schoolmates or my cousins), there are some times when I just wanna 撒娇, and you can’t really do it with girls. Lol. Feels awfully weird. Plus it’s a really warm feeling when the person you love indulges you ok. Lol.

Rules of Management

The ideas that come out of most brainstorming sessions are usually superficial, trivial, and not very original. They are rarely useful. The process, however, seems to make uncreative people feel that they are making innovative contributions and that others are listening to them.
– A. Harvey Block, CEO, Bokenon Systems

I totally agree with this man. Hahahahaha. Anyway, a thought suddenly struck me – I’ve been using the Internet, PC and programming for 10 freaking years! I say programming because they taught me Q Basic at my secondary school. Leet, right?

I Defy The Powers That Be

My course ended early today, so I thought I’d go back to the office then go gym with my gf and mistress after work. As I was waiting for bus back to the office, 2 bus 30 came and went. It’s the bus I take to go home. So I was smsing my gf that it’s definitely a sign from up above, telling me to go home. She says I have defied the powers that be by not taking either of those buses. Lol. So I told her, ok, I’ll definitely take the third bus 30, cos 3 is a magic number.

Guess what? Bus 97 (bus to office) finally arrived… with the third bus 30 following behind. Lol. Anyway, I’m on the bus back to the office now. Haha.