Introducing… The Characters

Ok, CS totally surprised me last week with his reaction at the coffee machine downstairs when I was talking about my sugar daddy. Apparently it shows how much he’s not informed by the grapevine in the office. Lol. To prevent further confusion, here’s a post introducing the characters! (Since Muffin is damn confused as well)

Sugar Daddy – A guy friend who lends me freaking loads of books and brings me to movies. A lot of movies. Referred to as the niu friend here. He DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT, give me money/gifts at all. Lol.

Girlfriend – My female colleague who usually has the exact same taste as me in food (except that I don’t share her passion for steamboat) and we both enjoy quick witted humor. Plus she’s damn fun to tease and always blush when I ask her funny questions. :p

Kawaii 老公 aka JJ – My NUS cum APAPA mate! Check out her wonder woman strength here.

好姐妹 aka XJ – My NUS cum APAPA mate too. She was the one who took this obscene video.

Kawaii 老公’s many wives – 1st wife: her poly classmate, 2nd wife: me, 3rd wife: Liz, 4th wife: XJ, 5th wife: Rinna.

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