I caught Transformers with my cousins earlier, and Optimus Prime is still my fav! Plus he’s a damn cool 18 Wheeler! With a great paint job! 😀

You know there’s this arcade game where you drive an 18 wheeler and attempt to deliver goods and whatnot? That’s one of my favorite games. Haha, it feels so song to be turning that huge ass steering wheel. 😀

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  1. me & GF had been trying to get tickets for 2 weeks…


    finally, managed to get it for this sunday!

    LOL~ tot of catching it at IMAX… but we booked the wrong cinema…

    we were 2 excited, finally we managed to get seats online… -_-“

    watching DH4.0 this sat!

    Yippee Kai Yay! M***** F*****!!!

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