Dissatisfied SNBB Customer

We switched to SNBB from MaxOnline Ultimate since yesterday, and I must say, it sucks.

Before we switched to Ultimate, we were on the normal 2MB MaxOnline plan, and the Starhub staff ALWAYS heard from me (game performance issues, blah blah), and then my brother got us Ultimate, cos Starhub was giving away stuff, and life became good. Recently, he signed up for SNBB cos Singtel is giving away Lenovo notebooks, but didn’t tell me when we were gonna make the switch. I woke up yesterday thinking the Internet was down, haha.

According to the specs, the only difference between Ultimate and this shitty plan is 1Mbps of upload speed, but I lag when I’m chatting on MSN and I couldn’t even watch the Transformers trailer smoothly. Wth man, seriously. >.>

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