Because She’s Worth It

Sian. Homework cannot finish, no time to sleep. Then morning cannot wake in time for classes, work pile up. Then sick, work pile up. Then recently keep being compared and comparing myself to last time. I appear to not mind, but think liao also sian. If I get a shitty paying job, maybe I will just break down and cry. If the job is something I like and the pay is good, it will be all worth it.

I know why this sem so jialat liao. Cos last time when doing project with JJ and gang, we will help each other if we’re busy. E.g. Me and XJ did majority of CS3253 cos AS they all were busy with CS3214, and JJ helped me with CS3251. But this sem my groupmate told me, “You don’t sleep la, (do your HYP report through the night then) directly come for project meeting”.

And Monday we had a project due. I realised that if I don’t initiate anything (for all my projects except one, cos one guy is so nice to take initiative), nothing moves. I jio them meeting on Sunday cos the way I see it, the proposal looked like pieces of stuff strung together. Then Monday morning about 2 or 3 am finally consolidate finish, ask them if they have anything to add, say dun have, so I submit (cos due at 12pm ma, and I confirm won’t be awake). When I woke at 1pm, pple call and sms me at 8 am say got things to add to the proposal. 🙁 How can I be awake at 8 am when I slept at 3 – 4 am? Sian.

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