No Money Liao!

The uglies get to be 摆设品.

The yukata and all that are very nice…for displaying. Lol

This girl has a face that looks like 朋友’s mask. -_- I totally dislike her face, but she came with the uber scooter… Anyway she has a pail cos the uglies are always made to do the shitty work. Hahaha.

The chio bus get a prestigious space on my desk. 😀 I accidentally broke Sakura’s sword, so she’s wearing her uniform instead. T_T I thought that Rui (who’s originally a tomboy) has a really pretty face, so I gave her nice short hair and a white dress. Of course, that’s Moe on the scooter! I wanna buy all the Moes but can’t find any except for the yukata one. T_T

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