New Year Resolutions

I haven’t posted any resolutions for a couple of years, used to post them thinking that it was a blogging ‘norm’, and then I realised that I was just posting them cos I wanted to be a typical [and hopefully successful (success measured by the amount of hits I get)] blogger, which was quite lame. 😡 So I stopped doing things that I perceived bloggers do and started to blog about things that I wanted to blog about, but my hits didn’t increase either. Lol. In any case, hits are not important to me. I enjoy reading my past entries and looking at the pictures I posted to relive the moment.

Anyway, I felt like making some resolutions this year. 🙂

  1. Finish my HYP on time AND get a good grade for it. I’m seriously lagging behind.
  2. Concentrate on my studies this sem and hopefully pull my CAP up to 4.
  3. Find a job I like.

As I thought about things I want to achieve this year, I also resolute to achieve the following by the end of the next 5 years. Ordered in chronological order. Hehe.

  1. Buy ah bit a new cage.
  2. Get myself a PDA. Either phone or just a PDA. I am so crippled without one. I’m forgetting appointments, forgetting birthdays, can’t find details of my contacts. Zzz.
  3. Earn enough to hire a weekend maid so I don’t have to spend time on housework anymore. Housework eats so much of my time. 🙁
  4. Earn enough so that my parents don’t have to work so hard anymore. Even if they have to work, I hope they do it just to pass their time.
  5. Earn enough to let my parents go on overseas trips now and then.
  6. Buy a flat with muffin man.
  7. Buy Buru the poodle.

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