APAPA End of 2006 Celebration

To celebrate the end of 2006, we spent our day at East Coast Park. Fortunately there was no rain and we spent our time cycling, eating and attempting to blade. Met Weinee at the park and made some small talk. I told her I can’t wait to go back to work, and then she looked at me with pity in her eyes, saying: “Work ain’t all that great you know.” But anything beats studying in NUS Computing. I just heard that a guy who copies got into Dean’s list. -_-||

We had dinner at Bedok 85. Been hearing so much about it and finally I get to try it out. The food’s good and not costly, but getting seats were a pain in the arse. I look drunk in the photos cos I’m sunburnt. Lol.

Weiguang bought the same T shirt for all the guys during his BKK trip and they wore it after showering. Haha.

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