Ah Bit’s New Home

My pay came in today, so I went to Annie’s Pet Corner to get Ah Bit a new cage since they were having a CNY Sale. I bought the cage, a wooden house and some hay blocks for only $107. The cage itself cost $90 originally. It was a great deal, I think I will patronise that shop more often in the future. 🙂

WoW: The Burning Crusade Launch

Woohoo! I got a free TBC poster by exchanging 11th Jan’s copy of TNP, won a Troll Priest figurine from Illidan’s Wheel of Destiny and won the WoW Boardgame from the TNP redemption. 😀

Scheduler for 2007

Zomg. I want the Rozen Maiden Binder. T_T

It’s $22.10 from Kare Kanojyo no Mise! You know, that shop in Sunshine Plaza that sells the sexpensive Chobits bunny toy. *winks at JJ and/or Mr Muffin* So sexpensiveeeeeeeee but nice!

Edit: Zomg! KawaiiLG is getting me the binder for V Day! I’m so gonna make crappy chocolates for her. Lol.

New Year Resolutions

I haven’t posted any resolutions for a couple of years, used to post them thinking that it was a blogging ‘norm’, and then I realised that I was just posting them cos I wanted to be a typical [and hopefully successful (success measured by the amount of hits I get)] blogger, which was quite lame. 😡 So I stopped doing things that I perceived bloggers do and started to blog about things that I wanted to blog about, but my hits didn’t increase either. Lol. In any case, hits are not important to me. I enjoy reading my past entries and looking at the pictures I posted to relive the moment.

Anyway, I felt like making some resolutions this year. 🙂

  1. Finish my HYP on time AND get a good grade for it. I’m seriously lagging behind.
  2. Concentrate on my studies this sem and hopefully pull my CAP up to 4.
  3. Find a job I like.

As I thought about things I want to achieve this year, I also resolute to achieve the following by the end of the next 5 years. Ordered in chronological order. Hehe.

  1. Buy ah bit a new cage.
  2. Get myself a PDA. Either phone or just a PDA. I am so crippled without one. I’m forgetting appointments, forgetting birthdays, can’t find details of my contacts. Zzz.
  3. Earn enough to hire a weekend maid so I don’t have to spend time on housework anymore. Housework eats so much of my time. 🙁
  4. Earn enough so that my parents don’t have to work so hard anymore. Even if they have to work, I hope they do it just to pass their time.
  5. Earn enough to let my parents go on overseas trips now and then.
  6. Buy a flat with muffin man.
  7. Buy Buru the poodle.

APAPA End of 2006 Celebration

To celebrate the end of 2006, we spent our day at East Coast Park. Fortunately there was no rain and we spent our time cycling, eating and attempting to blade. Met Weinee at the park and made some small talk. I told her I can’t wait to go back to work, and then she looked at me with pity in her eyes, saying: “Work ain’t all that great you know.” But anything beats studying in NUS Computing. I just heard that a guy who copies got into Dean’s list. -_-||

We had dinner at Bedok 85. Been hearing so much about it and finally I get to try it out. The food’s good and not costly, but getting seats were a pain in the arse. I look drunk in the photos cos I’m sunburnt. Lol.

Weiguang bought the same T shirt for all the guys during his BKK trip and they wore it after showering. Haha.