Went to Sentosa with 好姐妹, JJ and Qiurong (XJ’s longtime friend). Took some pics. :p

Qiurong and Xiujun

KawaiiLG and me.

Merlion! RAWR

That clock tower thingy looks damn deserted now, but still nice from afar.

Wall’s Ice Cream Buggy

In the Carlsberg Sky Tower

Some pics taken in the Sky Tower…

We went to try the Luge Ride. Basically you sit on this little thing and you roll down the hill on it. Lol. It has only 2 controls, stop and go. Acceleration is entirely based on inertia and the slope of the hill.

My head seems to be too big. Lol.

After the ride, we took the skyride back up the hill. It’s like those swinging chairs that people take up mountains at skiing resorts. We were too scared to take any pictures while on the ride. Lol. The people in front of us kept laughing at us making weird scared noises. Lololol.

We wanted to take two shots of this, but while posing for the second shot, water suddenly shot out from one of the holes in the structure and struck JJ on her right shoulder. Lol. Everybody burst out laughing and XJ managed to block the second water spurt with her shoe. Lol. It’s one of those you had to be there moments. We couldn’t stop laughing afterwards and tried to make JJ buy a merlion t shirt to change into. Hahaha.

JJ siam the water.

Check out this cover girl shot of 好姐妹. Actually I was trying to capture the sign board! Bing Jin open sugar cane store lei. Bo jio. What happened to TS 甘蔗水? Lol.

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