Team 2 Rox!

Just finished reading MZ’s blog. So sian lei, I miss team 2, miss fooling around office with her, miss not having homework to do, miss having our great team. Not that I don’t have friends in school, but they’re not taking the same stream as I am, so I’m working with complete strangers for all my projects. :/

Moreover, I have shitty second lower honors. Shitty starting pay ftl.

And the politics in game are killing me.

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  1. *pat* cheer up! life’s with ups and downs. i’m not having any good living over at my side either. i’m taking 4th yr modules with s**** profs. *yew!* worst still, no progress on my FYP, i’m dead… exams in another 2 weeks, jia you!

    haha, how about going to the same organization to work after we grad? so we have ‘company’ ma. *opps* i think u’re tired of seeing me already: 3 yrs in poly and 1 yr in M1 le ba. *wahaha*

  2. Come on cheer least you are better then the “going to fail” me…I miss the times we spend together in m1…like siao cha bor…rem the daily 10am parade event at MOC1 level 5…

  3. BJ: My HYP also no progress. Time to panic liao! D: I’m thinking of going back to telecoms industry lei. I think IT starting job all programming, sibe sianz.

    MZ: Second lower is shit. 🙁 Ya lor, like siao lang in the office. Lol. Fun times. 😀

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