New Haircut!

I had a haircut yesterday at Jurong Point. That guy in the picture’s the hairdresser. He’s my age (don’t look like!) and looks like 苏志成 from Dream FM. Lol.

Really funny guy who kept insisting I look like a jap girl now, cos I pointed out the hairstyle I want from those japanese hairstyle books, and he kept warning me about 早年秃头, and shared his experience, saying that he had a lot of hair last time too, then now lesser cos of lifestyle etc. And I said, is that why you wear this head thingy now?! Lol. So ya, he told me to go home and get some sleep and be less stressed. How to be less stressed when your groupmates aren’t very good at paraphrasing stuff!


This is the before pic which I took in school on Tuesday. Too bored during CS3214 helpdesk cos I had no customers at all. Lol. My skin condition is better now, cos I went back to the doctor to ask for help. Haha!

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