What Would I Do?

I just read a forum thread about someone’s dog passing away, and cried so much, from the beginning of the thread to the end. What a brave dog to have suffered so much, and yet still endure all the medication till he passed away. I remember someone asked me what would I do if my rabbit passed away. Frankly speaking, I don’t know. Maybe cry like fuck like the time when I thought my guinea pigs died when I was a kid.

Muffin Commencement

Muffin graduated on 12th July! 😀 He told me not to dress up, so you can see that my skin condition now is really bad. 🙁


Hanyong and Yaocong graduated too. They’re my orientation group leaders. Yaocong’s sense of humor is wicked! 😀 Karuwai graduated and is working in Accenture now. She’s a really hardworking and nice person, I think she’ll have a bright future ahead. 😀

Commencement 2006

It was a really chop chop affair, lol. Straight to the point. I like. Anyway, XJ already took off her robe, so she’s only wearing the mortar board, rofl.


I’m graduating too! I think FJJ has a freaking nice smile in this pic ya. Congratulations to all of you who graduated tonight! I will ballot lots and lots of tickets next year so you can all come and take pictures with me! Lol.

JJ Birthday Celebration

We celebrated JJ’s birthday at Hog’s Breath yesterday. Got her a cushion so she can sleep more comfortably in the office as well as a wallet cos we think her current one is old and stinky. Plus she’s gonna earn lots of money for us to spend and apply for many many credit cards so we can all have sub cards. So the new wallet is for her cards as well. You know we love you, JJ. 😀

Zomg, what was she looking at earlier. >.>


After dinner we went to take some pictures at the lawn and zomg! Orbs! There’s the second shot, and zomg! No more orbs!

Funny Photos

Was browsing through the photos Susee took during the chalet, and I found this pic! You can see my braces sparkle in the photo! Lol.


And I’m eating breakfast while watching tv in the second one. Wonder what’s on tv, that’s such an excellent expression! Lol. Check out my pimples man. This is what NUS does to you.

Bumble Bee Bit


Nice or not? He’s wearing Oreo O’s bumble bee hat. Oreo hates it a lot, but the bit doesn’t seem to mind it much. 😀

Lan Jiao Lang

Everybody knows that there will always be lan jiao lang in the world, which led me to thinking: If they can be lan jiao langs, why can’t I be one too? I tried, but I’m still too polite to be one, even though sometimes I can be fucking guai lan.

Went out for KTV with my M1 ex colleagues today. It feels so good to be with them, to talk to them, to listen to their experiences. They make me feel like going out to do things, and not play the actions out in my dreams. But when I reached home and I sit down in front of the computer, I am back to being the lam nua person I have degenerated into. QQ! But still, I enjoy their company, and they will still be with me when I go to work. I can go back to being a nice motivated individual after I graduate. Hahaha.