Teeth Extraction

I had two of my teeth extracted to make space for the braces today. Pain desu. T_T And it’s very hard for me to take a proper close-up shot… but it’s just two holes in the bottom row of teeth where they used to be.


Went to Chinatown with XJ and gang this evening, bought a lot of 果冻 wor. But kenna 砍菜头. I only wanted to buy $3-$4 worth of 果冻, ended up buying $10 worth. T_TWe went to Clarke Quay after that for some snacks and drinks. I tried out the Rome Coffee at TCC. I think it’s a little too strong. 😡

Siao Lang

Just waiting for the bus home or to school gets me all stressed up. I can feel my time being wasted as seconds tick by. Am I going mad? >.> I wonder if I can squeeze time out to clean up my room for CNY.

And my mom thinks I’m gaming 24/7! How nice. 🙂

Where Have All The Time Gone?

-_- It’s already week 2. I’m perpetually busy 24 hours, but I don’t know what I have to show for it. I didn’t even managed to finish the freelance project yet. 🙁 In fact, I don’t really have time to work on it except on weekends. I hope I can make it for the deadline. 🙁

2nd Day of School

8 am lecture in the morning today. I feel like dying now, but got to stay awake for a couple more hours to finish up my freelancing work. The client wants a major change made to the main homepage even though it is very late in the timeline. >.> WL isn’t very happy about it. Scared me for a bit cos I thought he wasn’t happy about my work performance.

Bumped into CessyPoo in school today. She was there to accompany Aileen for an audition with Dance Blast!. She didn’t change her clothes! Wearing the same fit-for-clubbing outfit she was wearing when I bumped into her at Orchard with Panda. Her defense is that she really is going clubbing today. :p And I finally met Aileen. Been reading about her from Cessy’s blog so often. Hehe.

Congratulations Jacqueline!

This is what I wore to the wedding dinner. Pics added. 🙂

My brother bought me a webcam, but it only came with a driver CD, so I have no idea how to take pictures with it. 😡 I can only play with the webcam on MSN atm. :3

This Is An Autogenerated Email

Dear Chufang*,

I notice that you existing CAP falls between 3.2 and 3.99.
I would like to encourage you to work harder (or even smarter) this coming semester, so that you can improve your CAP.

I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight to you the possibility of broadening your education horizon, by taking up some special programmes offered by the university. These include: Minor programmes, overseas exchange programmes, and even double-degree with overseas universities. Not only do these programmes deepen your knowledge in different disciplines, they also provide your an competitive advantage upon your graduation.

Wish you all the success in the coming semester.

Best Regards,

Associate Professor &
Vice Dean, Undergraduate Studies
School of Computing

Did you see the phrase in bold, italics and underlined? So sarcastic, they’re just not happy about people like me who can’t get 2nd upper and above. Making it sound like I deliberately slacked off and caused myself to have a lousy CAP. I didn’t sleep to do all the homework and assigments ok! I didn’t even have a lvl 60 WoW character ok! RAWR.

And the template sucks lor… what the hell is ‘you existing CAP’?! They nothing better to do, (other than sending emails like these) they ate the missing ‘r’ is it.

I am going to start a new character this sem, and make it lvl 60 by the end of it.