Whoohoo! KTV & BBQ Steamboat

Weiguang organised an outing to KTV today. Went with Xiujun, Liz, Xinyi, Gunawan, Biaogang, Zhijie, Eng Chong, Zhiyuan & Jiahui (WG’s friend).

Met up with Xiujun for lunch, but Liz was early, so we had lunch together. XJ brought us to eat this nice porridge at Chinatown. I had nice pi dan zhou. 😀 After that we went to meet up with the rest of them at 茶人. Haven’t been there in such a long time. Used to frequent there with BJ and Yun when we were in poly. Those were the days. :3

We had much fun at the KTV and Zhijie was very entertaining. When I met him on Monday during a meeting with a client, he seemed so serious and composed. Turned out that he is a much bigger joker than WG. He totally entertained us with his rendition of Alec Su’s songs, and non-Alec Su songs in Alec Su’s voice. Hahaha. And Liz is forever blur. She believed all the rubbish that XJ fed her and keep asking us whether all the things are true. Lol. But we have to give her credit for being able to dig some 八卦新闻 for us. 😀

After KTV, we went to Marina Bay for BBQ Steamboat. I didn’t know we’re having this for dinner, and I agreed to go with BJ and MZ on the 10th! Girls, can we change a dinner venue? 😡

And then we went to play some arcade games after dinner. I totally pwned WG at Bishi Bashi. Lol. Played some of my favourite arcade games. 🙂 And then we sat around and watched people play DoTa and Counter Strike. Then we decided that we’ll all play on DoTa after I can get it installed. 🙂

Singapore is so freaking small. >.> Zhijie is actually friends of WG and gang, I only knew this on Monday when I went to meet him as my prospective employer. And Biaogang is BJ’s Secondary School Chinese Dance friend! He’s also a senior from NgeeAnn MMC course. Lol.

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