Weird Habit Meme

1) I got tagged by Geoff, so here goes. Btw, don’t click on Geoff’s link if you haven’t visited his site before, you’ll be bombarded by a weird cutesy Japanese song with a guy singing. Sounds kinda like the Gatsby advert imo. 😡

Eh! He changed the song on his site! RAWR!

i) I sleep with the blanket over my head. Or a pillow over my head, or a towel over my head. Anything to cover my eyes and/or ears. Cos when I was really young, my mom told me that if a lizard’s tail gets into your ears, you’ll go deaf. So…ya. :3

ii) I have a happy dance. You know, like how people have a theme song, I have a happy dance (which I make muff do with me). And incidentally, anime guu knows how to dance it as well. O_o I’d post a pic of her if I knew how to turn anime into gifs. 😡

iii) I like to do things from scratch. If my computer is wonky and I just reformatted it, and something seems weird, I’ll just do it all over again. Just recently, there was a weird bug in my programming assignment, so I rewrote the class all over again and it worked beautifully. Is better than looking through the codes line by line imo. @_@

iv) I’m selfish with my game characters. Once I screamed at a classmate (yes, in class, at school -_-) cos he wanted to play my Pokemon (whatever color) game. If I let you play my characters, it means I don’t love them anymore. Muff plays 炎の姫 cos I’m lazy to level her. 😡

v) I do housework when the deadlines are approaching. If I’m supposed to be studying for an exam, you’ll find me vacuuming the place. But recently, this activity has been replaced with net surfing. I’d be doing anything but the task at hand. :3

3) I urr… tag nobody

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