It’s been long. If you’re still checking back, here are some cute pics for you to squeal at. They’re my brother’s, not mine. :p



Wonder What They’re Doing


Wah lau eh… I lost a big portion of my digital photos in an accident. I don’t have backup lor. >.> Sian, half of my photos from M1 gone. Then all my muffin photos also gone. :/

Edit: All my wallpapers are gone too. 🙁


BodyGuard A
BodyGuard B

We went to party train at Bodyguard A and B yesterday night. Or rather, we partied and I helped them kill Bodyguard A and B and let them level twice last night. I couldn’t gain any experience as I was too noob. 🙁 Well, at least my slow skill was of some use, and Geoff was damn good at his webbing too. >.>

I stayed till Oyabun came out and twistered us, then I ran. Didn’t take any screens for Oyabun. Haha. :p

First Day of School

School started today and I’m so excited. I’m taking 6 modules this semester and 2 of them are rubbish modules that I bidded for cos I couldn’t get the ones I wanted. 😀