About Honours and Modules and Timetable

I’m going to take modules common between the 4 year IS course and the 3 year Business Focus course this coming semester, so that I still have one more semester to save my ass. But I’m undecided about which semester I should be overloading. Next semester looks good since I’ll declare S/U option for 2 of the modules. S/U option means that the module will not be graded, thus not contributing to CAP, so I’ll only need to pass that module. Passing means grade C and above. :p

This coming semester (Semester 3.1): 25 Modular Credits

4 MC CS3251 Technology Strategy and Management
4 MC CS3253 Management of IS
5 MC CS3266 E-Commerce Technologies
4 MC EC1301 Principles of Economics
4 MC SSB2216 Employee Management in Singapore (S/U)
4 MC MA1306 A Basic Mathematical Toolkit (S/U)

The next semester (Semester 3.2): 21 Modular Credits

8 MC CS3214 Information Systems Development Project
4 MC CS3265 Economics of E-Business
4 MC ST2334 Probability and Statistics
5 MC Unrestricted Electives

Xiujun thinks that I should overload in Sem 1 since I’m S/U-ing 2 modules, and thus this is the plan. Does it look ok? 😡

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