<3 Panda

I love reading Panda’s blog. I just read through all the entries I missed and I feel happy, for some weird reason. She makes me want to blog more, make a new layout, make a new website even. Lol. And then after I log off from my computer, all that enthusiasm fades and you guys are left with a barely updated blog. 😡 Plus she’s been emanating so much happiness on her blog these days that I can’t help feeling warm and tingly inside, too. :p

Seriously, I want to make a new layout, but I have no inspiration. I probably need to surf more, maple less. Maple is eating up my life. Anyway, one reason for me to maple less. 炎の姫 is already level 70! Clickies here to watch the sucky advancement video that I made in under an hour. It’s 9.28MB, btw. As I was saying, ya, I’ll maple less cos she’s already advanced to 3rd Job, I’ll go slow on my other characters, I think. And I really wanna pull up my socks for next semester, too. But I’m prolly just saying shit. I think I’ll slack again when school starts. Hard for me to work hard when I don’t like the environment. Sigh.

What I’m Born With

I always thought that it is very kelian to have bad skin. Do you not think so? Especially if it’s still bad after having spent obscene amounts of money to salvage it.

About Honours and Modules and Timetable

I’m going to take modules common between the 4 year IS course and the 3 year Business Focus course this coming semester, so that I still have one more semester to save my ass. But I’m undecided about which semester I should be overloading. Next semester looks good since I’ll declare S/U option for 2 of the modules. S/U option means that the module will not be graded, thus not contributing to CAP, so I’ll only need to pass that module. Passing means grade C and above. :p

This coming semester (Semester 3.1): 25 Modular Credits

4 MC CS3251 Technology Strategy and Management
4 MC CS3253 Management of IS
5 MC CS3266 E-Commerce Technologies
4 MC EC1301 Principles of Economics
4 MC SSB2216 Employee Management in Singapore (S/U)
4 MC MA1306 A Basic Mathematical Toolkit (S/U)

The next semester (Semester 3.2): 21 Modular Credits

8 MC CS3214 Information Systems Development Project
4 MC CS3265 Economics of E-Business
4 MC ST2334 Probability and Statistics
5 MC Unrestricted Electives

Xiujun thinks that I should overload in Sem 1 since I’m S/U-ing 2 modules, and thus this is the plan. Does it look ok? 😡



Ta-Da! My first attempt at CG. I didn’t manage to get the lines very clean, but I like how the shading turned out (esp on the boobs :x). I just realised that I didn’t shade the underside of the skirt and now it looks flat and weird. Lol. Anyway, this is a lame attempt at drawing my MapleStory fire mage, 炎の姫. 😀


Hmm… My CAP dropped. Now I am faced with the decision of whether I want to continue with my Honours program or opt to change to a normal degree program.

If I want to get a 2nd Upper Class Honours degree, I have to obtain a CAP of 4.30 next semester and 4.00 or above for the subsequent semesters. I don’t have to do anything if I opt for the normal degree program, cos my CAP is within the range for a Pass with Merit.

I mapled too much. 😡