Hi, I’m Sharon

My friends at work thinks I should change my name. Cos they always hear me having to spell my name out to customers over the phone. 😡

Henceforth, I shall be known as Sharon (or any other equally common name). I shall also attempt to swallow the mouth piece of the head set so that I’m not the loudest person in the office. 😡

I feel so paiseh that I have to speak so loud, but if I speak at a normal volume, the person I’m talking to can’t hear me at all. -_- *hatesthelongdistance* I’ve been making calls to Malaysia, the distance prolly caused the loss in volume when my voice was transmitted over. 😡

7 Replies to “Hi, I’m Sharon”

  1. You guys are crazy. Lol. I thought of Mary as well, but that is like… super common. Lol.

    The name Sharon just popped up all of a sudden. Lol. Anyway, I didn’t change my name la. Hahaha. People have problems with Angel, too. Hahaha.

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