Temping As A Telemarketeer

Just a little update…

As can be inferred from my previous post, I’m currently working as a telemarketeer. The pay is reasonable at $7.50 per hour, but the environment is absolutely horrid.

We have something like a punch card system, so you’re required to login to the system at 9 am in the morning, and logout at 6 pm in the morning. Sounds simple enough, but the catch here is that the server records your login time in 15 mins blocks and the server time is faster than the standard time by 7 mins. So in order to login to the server at 9 am in the morning, you have to actually login to the system anytime between 8.39 am to 8.54 am. I managed to login at 9 am for the 3 days I worked last week, but I wonder how long I can keep this up. x_x The office is in Tanjong Pagar some more. -_- This is only one of the things that makes the job unbearable. Anyway, some of the temps there are already looking for other jobs to do. I want to do that too, but currently WL has no freelance projects for me to do, and I’m not very good at browsing jobsdb, jobstreet etc. πŸ™

And trying to speak softly is practically impossible. I’m stuck with the China callbase now and we can’t hear each other properly cos of the distance. -_-

Hi, I’m Sharon

My friends at work thinks I should change my name. Cos they always hear me having to spell my name out to customers over the phone. 😑

Henceforth, I shall be known as Sharon (or any other equally common name). I shall also attempt to swallow the mouth piece of the head set so that I’m not the loudest person in the office. 😑

I feel so paiseh that I have to speak so loud, but if I speak at a normal volume, the person I’m talking to can’t hear me at all. -_- *hatesthelongdistance* I’ve been making calls to Malaysia, the distance prolly caused the loss in volume when my voice was transmitted over. 😑

Birthday Call, Zara, Marche, Forever21…

Happy Birthday Monselle Ang!。.:*:・’Β°β˜†γ€‚.:*:・’Β°β˜…Β°’・:*
We called her using CS’s mobile and nearly got scolded by a Security Guard for being too noisy. 😑 And we were only 3 person strong. Haha. She’s spending her birthday in LA with her boy. πŸ˜€

Before that, CS was obsessing over this black trenchcoat in Zara. He wants to wear it to his buddy’s wedding dinner. We tried to convince him that saving that $349 to spend on a V-Cool system, which he has been talking about since the day we knew him, would be a much wiser decision. However, he is very much taken to looking like teh Neo. Haha.

Then we went to Marche for dinner and I told them about the disgusting phone call I had at work yesterday.

Then we shopped some more and I bought a black spaghetti strap top for only $9 at Forever21. So cheap. πŸ˜€

P.S. Thanks for all the well wishes in the previous post. πŸ™‚ <3

Last Paper!

Last paper today! It’s a general elective module and people are supposed to be able to score for it. I hope I can, too.

Anyway, of all the papers to date, I’m only confident about Financial Accounting and Fundamentals of Information Systems. I only hope for a B at least for Discrete Math and Operating Systems. T_T