The Liar Paradox

“I’m a liar.”
Suppose I’m a truthteller, then this statement would mean I’m a liar; a contradiction. Suppose I’m a liar, then this statement would mean I’m a truthteller, which again is a contradiction.

That’s some crazy shit we learn in school. 😀

4 Replies to “The Liar Paradox”

  1. This is an interesting question because if the person who made the same this statement, never told the truth before, then this statement will make it the first truth. If he intend to lie about the fact that he is a liar, and he will then, now and forever tell the truth, this statement is fundamentally flawed.

    The concept of paradox should be tied to time and space, because there are dimension of things which cannot be visualise by man, but is correct. Such a thing is n-dimension, which is possible mathematically, but it is not easy to visualise, as we cannot see it.

    Programming point of view, this is very similar to recursive programming. Very interesting.

    Put it in a more macro point of view and it will not be confusing. The definition of truth is the definition of everything, including what is not (Lies included). What is not, therefore, is also part of the truth.

  2. Paradox….Came across the same kind of statement in HS assignment ” Unity in Diversity” for his anthropoloy classes ( or my class i should say ) …

    EST: Going to pass you my interesting novals when I am back…all the new release…hope u like it..

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