What’s All the Excitement?

I love my new red shoes. 😀 *prances around in flats*

I haven’t received my grades for the Financial Account mid term paper yet. Suddenly am very excited about it. Lol. 😀 I really think I will get a good grade for it. 😡

I have tons of things that I wanna do and am very excited about, too! 😀

  • Buy a pouch to keep my sanitary pads in. They keep tumbling out of my bag in front of everybody. 😡
  • Plan to get Celluli-Choc & the L’Oreal skincare range for acne prone skin
  • Get a holiday job. I have a 3 month long holiday from May to August! Somebody hire me please! I’m looking at 1.5k per month at least (which means I can’t go sell cosmetics T_T My lifelong dream is to be able to sell cosmetics. Hahahaha :p). Haha. I wonder whether freelancing will earn me that much. :p
  • Make a new layout!

In Other News

The image is supposed to be bigger, think Hello resized it or something. T_T As you can see, I have joined the flirty short skirts gang by buying my very first piece of flirty short skirt. It’s motivation for me to lose fats and have killer legs like my friend who’s in first year Computing. Other source of motivation comes from Panda’s skinny arms. And I love these flats that are all the rage now. I don’t really like to wear heels cos of my height, so I love the flats to bits! They’re quirky (which most of my clothes are) and comfy! Whee!

In other news, I got 86/100 for my GEK mid term! Yeah! And none of my groupmates are doing anything about the Financial Accounting project. I’m too busy with my Operating Systems project & lab to be bothered about it! 😀

We’re One!

Muffin got me this white gold necklace for our first anniversary. He thought that it was very ‘me’ when he first saw it. We both didn’t know that it was a necklace from the Korean drama Winter Sonata until the salesgirl mentioned it while serving us.

Anyway, this is the expensive white gold version of the necklace, not the original cheapo silver one you can buy off yahoo at SGD 8.90. -_-

And urrr…. I got him RAM for his laptop. 😡

Just Pay Up Already!

My mid term for Financial Accounting is tomorrow. I’m still awake cos I sort of just finished studying. The portion about bad debt expenses and allowances is driving me nuts. @_@ People should just pay what they owe and then we won’t have to worry about writing off amounts of money, and the world will be a more beautiful place. 😀

The test starts at 2 pm tomorrow, so I’ll just wake a bit earlier later in the morning and try to sort out that portion on bad debts. I think I have been most hardworking for this module. 😀 Last sem I was enthusiastic about CS2301 (Business and Technical Communication). This sem is FNA. Hehe. Hope I’ll get just as good a grade as I did for 2301. 😀 😀 😀

More Photos!

Just got them from CS today. I look like I’m part of the background. Too fair! -_-

Anyway, I like the pic of the 3 of us. Too bad the background was a bit bland.

Mid Terms

I forgot to mention… I got 74 for Discrete Maths mid term. Anyway, still have 2 more mid terms to go – GEK1536 and FNA1002. I have no freaking idea what format the paper for GEK1536 will be in, but FNA1002 will be all MCQs. 😀

Anyway, new layout!