Another Photo Shoot

Went for a photo shoot with BJ and MZ yesterday, cos Bernard (Sophia’s husband) wants to build up his portfolio as a photographer.

I’ve all along sub consciously known that I am not photogenic, and the recent photo shoots just confirmed it. -_- Pictures will be out this week. I will keep you guys posted.

It was fun, reminiscing the times we spent back in M1 and fooling around (which was what we did every single day back in M1) in the studio. Too bad MZ will be going to US for half a year. She’ll be back at end of the year to get married. I wish her happiness. πŸ™‚

I suddenly realised that when I mention I used to work in a telecommunications company, people automatically assume I worked as a customer service telephone operator. -_-||

Some Updates

  • Had dinner with MZ and gang last week. Pics are on BJ’s and MZ’s blog
  • Panda went back to Melb yesterday. Boohoo. No more outings on Thursday with her
  • Mid terms are next week!!!!
  • CessyPoo wants to hire me. πŸ˜€
  • I leveled up twice this week! πŸ˜€

Introducing… Kapo

This is Kapo from kapoland.I bought him for Muffin for VDay. Simply cos he revels in killing lupins in Maple Story. Lupins are monkey-like monsters that throw bananas at you when you aggravate them, complete with a ‘toing’ SFX.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The only year I received anything (not from a boyfriend) on Valentine’s Day, was last year. And I have a particularly pathetic VDay this year. My school day started at 10 am this morning and ended an hour ago at 8.30 pm. So I had to make Muffin go out with me last Saturday (which was when we took the photo you see in my previous post) just because I can’t go out today.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you people out there, presents or no.

*Off to do my tuts* T_T

P.S. I have a secret VDay present for Panda πŸ˜€

Makeover Photos

I still look like… me. 😑 Ok la, at least it was cheap compared to Chantel Goh etc. πŸ˜€ And erm, those were poses suggested by the photographer. 😑

Cannot Do Homework! x_x

Just realised that I won’t have time to do my homework this weekend. 😑

My extended family’s visiting my place today, I’m going to pak tor tomorrow (cos I have school from 10 am – 8.30 pm on Monday) and I’m going to Sophia’s place on Sunday. 😑

And I have 2 tutorial classes on Monday. How to rush? 😑