Panda, Cows and Love

Went out with Panda yesterday.

Popped by her place before going out and her mom gave me salt and pepper shakers in the shape of little cows! Damn cute. 🙂 Yay. More cows to add to my collection. 😀 And then I fiddled with her iBook and iPod. It’s nice, but a tad slow. She *really* needs more RAM. 😡 Anyway, I have said it before and I shall say it again. I will get myself an iBook when I’m rich. Haha. Anyway, wasn’t really interested in the iPod though, cos I don’t have that many MP3s I like listening to to make me want to buy an iPod/MP3 player/MD player etc.

And she gave me a pair of brown Havaianas, specially flown in from Australia! Damn cool and comfy. I now have 2 pairs of pretty Havaianas to wear to school. 🙂

Mom bought paint in the shade of Love, and she had an excess of some yucky light purple as well. She doesn’t seem too keen on buying me a new shade to paint my room, so it’s either that yucky colour or Love. I shall choose Love. But it’ll end up making my puny room look dark, so she suggested that I should mix the yucky purple and that shade of Love, and see what I’ll get. Will do that when I’m free though. Supposed to be painting my room today, but I had to clear my homework. I think Financial Accounting is taking up a lot of my time. -_-

Did anyone notice I blog more per entry on blogger than on MT? 😡 O_o

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  1. ya. new colors for ur room. =D. hoho, luckily i dropped my Accounts earlier, cos it REALLY time-consuming man! hope u can manage better. =D

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